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Our training and consulting team are experience professionals who understand both theoretical and practical methods on how to operate a profitable company. We specialize in business development, marketing planning, staff training, management consulting and executive coaching.



 Mark A Turnquest & Associate Companies 
design competency-based training and consulting programs that are performance-oriented and directly linked to your organization's strategic goals. We implement a four-step process to address your organization's development needs. We conduct interviews with management to determine the specific training /coaching needs of your employees.


1.  Analysis

The first step is to determine what employee performance is needed to achieve clearly defined goals. We work with you to assess exactly what challenges your company may be facing and identify the causes and barriers to closing the "performance gap." Learning objectives and performance outcomes are identified and practical solutions are analyzed;


2. Design / Develop

We develop a customized and cost effective approach to address your challenges, while working effectively within-house personnel to design performance-based training or consulting programs;


3. Implementation

When we implement your training program or provide you with consultative services, we work closely with your organization to ensure that the right technology, resources and organizational culture are aligned in order to deliver programs in a successful manner;


4.  Evaluation

We will assist you with the evaluation process for measuring performance improvement and developing strategies for keeping the new skills or business model “forever alive” inside your organization.


We have effectively trained and consulted many individuals in the Private and Public Sectors. Listed below are names of companies that benefited from using our professional training and consulting programs (contact names are also listed). You can ask about Mark A. Turnquest, MBA as the contact person from Outreach Sales & Marketing Management or the Small Business Resource Centre 

Developing Managerial Leadership Skills ™

8Ms of Entrepreneurial Success™

Office/Business Management

§Sky Bahamas Ltd-President, Captain Randy Butler

§ State Farm (USA- Agency Manager, Ms.. Courtney Litchford

§Flamingo Air-President, Captain Vincent Colebroke

§Bahamas Harvest Church – Senior Pastor, Mario Moxey

§Fellow Missionary Baptist Church-Senior Pastor, Daniel Nottage

 §Esso Bahamas Limited - Office Manager, Miss. Sonia Gibson

§ Ministry of Tourism- Executive Secretary, Ms. Deborah Young

§ The College of The Bahamas-Asst Director of Training, Miss Judith Lightbourne

§ Bacardi Co. Ltd – Human Resources Manager, Mrs. Maria Stuart

§ Pepsi Bahamas Limited – Regional Manager, Mr. Ricardo Stubbs

§ Private Investment Bank – Human Resources Manager, Miss Rita Oertle

§ Centre for Entrepreneurship – Business Coordinator, Mr. Daniel Thompson

§ Commonwealth Bank (Plaza March) – Asst. Manager , Leslie Benoit

§ Avodah Kingdown Ministries-Apostle Satella DeVeaux

§ Bahamas Post Office Department –Training Manager, Mrs. Maebaline Miller

§ Lampkin & Company Insurance – CEO , Mrs. Jeanine Lampkin

§ SG Hambros Private Bank – Manager Client Accounting, Ms. Sherika Brown

§ Tony’s Workshop Ltd – Business Manager, Miss. Natasha Joseph

§ Princess Margaret Hospital Rehab. Services - Director, Mrs. Velma Burrows

§ Alarms Ltd - Office Manager, Miss. Janet Lightbourne

§ Continental Foods- Office Manager, Miss. Helen Robinson

§ Family Guardian Ins. - Marketing Asst., Mrs. Tanya Sturrup

§ Mortimer’s Candy Kitchen – General Manager, Mr. Kyle Mortimer

§ Royal Bahamas Police Force -Detective (DC 1964), Mr. William Smith

§ The College of The Bahamas-VP-Student Affair, Mr. Colyn D.R. Major

§ Universal I.M.P.A.C Ltd –, President Robert Dieudonne

§ The Tile King- General Manager, Mr. Mark Roberts

§ Many Small Business Owners & Individual Students/Professionals 

Exceeding Quality Customer Service™


§ Bank of The Bahamas – Asst Human Resources Manager, Miss Annette Cash

§ ColinaImperial Insurance Ltd – Training Manager, Miss Shanrese Bain

§ Price Busters- President, Mr. Craig Walkine

§ John Chea & Sons- Human Resources Manager, Lolita Johnson

§ Commonwealth Brewery Ltd – Accounts Supervisor Miss Debra Gardiner

§ Hertz Rental Car-Mrs. Sidne. Stubbs- Operations Manager

 § Many Individual Students


Need - Solution Selling™
(Retailing / B2B)

§ Shell Bahamas Ltd. – Human Resources Manager, Miss Esther Gibson

§ 4Cs Training – President, Mr. Chris Pinder

§Girls Will Be Girls-President, Ms. Erika Cooke

§ F. Rich Trading – CEO, Mr. Frederick Bottle

§ Trading Post – General. Manager. Mr. Sean Collie

§ CyberJack / ElectroJack – Operations Manager, Mr.  Stephen Wilson

§ Many Individual Students


Operating An Efficient Warehouse™

§ Commonwealth Drugs Ltd – General Manager, Mr. Pedro Roberts III

§ Audley C Kemp Liquors (South)- President, Mr. John Kemp

§ Bacardi Co. Ltd – Human Resources Manager, Mrs. Maria Stuart

§ Donald’s Furniture & Appliances – President, Mrs. Tracey Godet


§ SeaBoard Marine Ltd.-Country Manager, Mr. Kristoff Linqier

The Receptionist As An Ambassador™


§ Bahamas Mortgage Corp. –Human Resources Manager, Ms. Crystal Swain

§ Misiewicz & Co. – Office Manager, Ms. Philip Knowles

§ Colina General –Human Resources Manager, Mr. Carlton Adderley

§ Lightbourn Trading – Sales Manager, Mr. Franklin Burrows

§ Dean & Associates- President, Ms. Francis Dean, 

§ Bah. Comm. & Public Officers Union - Robert Farquharson’s Administration

§ Sentinel Bank & Trust – Human Resources Manager, Miss Catherine Rolle

§ J S Johnson Co Ltd – Human Resources Manager, Miss Marjorie Ramsey

§ The College of The Bahamas-Asst Director of H R, Miss Judith Albury

§ Davis & Co. - Office Manager, Miss Tanya Miller

§ Bahamas Union of Teachers-Human Resources Manager, Miss Kristine Pinder

§ Bahamas Public Service Union- Office Manager, Mrs. Melvin Davis

§ Many Individual Students


Effective Delegation™ 


§ Zamar Ltd – Human Resources Manager, Miss Shelly Deal

§ Many Individual Executives


Telemarketing To Win –Win™


§ Motor’s Etc. - General Manager, Mr. Randy Moss

§ GHS 80th Anniversary Committee – Miss Shelley Collymore


Computer Operations Combo( MS Office Suite)


§ Bahamas Hotel Catering & Allied Workers Union, Pat Bain’s Administration

§ Double R Services-Supervisor, Mr. Greco Evans

§ Bahamas Hot Mix – Plant Manager, Mr. Albert Smith

§ British Colonial Hilton – Human Resources Manager, Mrs. Debbie Ferguson.

§ East Sunrise Mortuary – President, Pedro Ferguson

§ Misiewicz & Co.-Office Manager, Ms. Philippa Knowles

§ Many Small Business Owners & Individual Students/Professionals


QuickBooks Accounting


§ Bahamas Mack Trucks-Accounts Supervisor, Ms. Thelma Davis

§ Advance Technical Enterprises-President, Mr. Ethric Bowe

§ Offshore Managers Ltd- President, Ms. Elizabeth Smiths

§ Nassau Stationers – Sales Supervisor, Ms. Uhura Woodside

§ DA’ Sharvou –Beauty Supply, Ms. Rhoda Garrison

§ Miya Bahamas Ltd-Office Administration, Ms. Pamela Knox

§ Island Industries- President, Mr. Michael Donald 

§ 21st Century Hardware-President, Mr. Chris Clarke

§ Five Point System-Accounts Manager, Ms. Neina Ferguson

§ The Prescription Parlour Pharmacy, Office Manager, Ms  Samantha Antonio.

§ Heavy Marine-Personnel Manager, Ms. Tiffany Pratt

§ Windermere Trust Company –Accounts Assistant, Mr. Justin M. Ritche

§ Commonwealth Bank-Training Manager, Ms. Margo Adderley

§ Acit Bahamas,-President, Mr. Roshan Noronha

§ Chilcott Chambers, Partner, Ms. Camille Gomez

§ Many Small Business Owners & Individual Students/Professionals


Time Management: Prioritizing Perfectly


§ College of The Bahamas, The Administration Department

§ Many Executives


Marketing 4 Success


§ COB– Asst. Director of Students Activities – Mr. Bradley Cooper

§ Bristol Wines & Spirits, - Tobacco Brand Manager, Mr. Jeffery Rahming

§ Uncor Global Security – President, Ms. Carolyn Johnson

§ Many Small Business Owners & Individual Students/Professionals


The Effective Human Resources Manager™


§ Tripoint Communications - Human Resources Manager, Mrs. Alison Ferguson

§ Fashion Hall – Human Resources Manager, Miss Elizabeth Dames

§ Faith Temple Academy – Admin. Secretary, Miss. Patrice Paul

§ Leisure Travel & Tours- Human Resources Manager, Ms. Elizabeth Ambrister

§ Many Individual Students / Executives





Marketing 4 Advantage™


§ Fresh Auto Car Sales – General Manager, Mr. Martin Gibson

§ Advance Family Medicine Centre– Medical Director, Dr. Chinyere Bullard

§ Many Small and Medium Sized Businesses

                                                                                  From PlanningTo Results™


§ Gomez Corporate Management Ltd - Managing Director, Mr. Jerome Gomez

§ Quality HVAC Parts- - General Manager, Mrs. Alisa Collie

§ Miden Wholesale –President, Mr. Michael Bethel

§ Fresh Image – General Manager. Mr. Kaiwon Gibson

§ Reliable Janitorial Company – Operations Manager, Mrs. Beverly Brown

§ Many Small and Medium Sized Businesses 


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