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TEL: 1(242) 326-6748 / 427-3640



CONSULTING: $50.00 - $150.00 PER HOUR

    BUSINESS PLANS:  $500.00 - $1,000.00

                                                           WE ENCOURAGE BUSINESS PLANNING 

 It acts as a foundation and measuring tool so that all future operations of a business can be practically monitored and evaluated based on the business’ original goals and projections;  It organizes, directs, coordinates, controls and facilitates the development of a project from its inception to its completion;  It compels management to constantly make feasible decisions in order to reduce their business’ risks and failures.


                                                                                   WE ENCOURAGE MARKETING PLANNING

To determine customer needs and buying behaviors; then develop, promote and distribute products and services at affordable prices in order to satisfy those needs profitably;

To create avenues for business development;

To gain competitive advantages;

To favorably position products and services.

      High Competency Level Coaching

      “We could be a member of your Executive Team" 



High Competency Level Coaching™ is an Executive Coaching Program that focuses on “improving weaknesses and enhancing strengths” of your management team. Its mission is to develop Business Executives at all levels CEOs & CFOs; Human Resources, Operations, Marketing, Sales, & Warehouse Managers. The program addresses twenty (20) skills that are required to be an effective and efficient Managerial Leader.        

      Managing Employees’ Performances

“We could be apart of your Employee Development Team”


Managing Employees’ Performances™ 
is a Performance Management Program that coordinates and integrates the following: job analysisjob description, job design, work redesign, goal – setting policies, procedures, employee training and development, performance evaluation and executive coaching. The program’s mission is to prepare Departmental Managers with the necessary competencies to properly manage the productivity levels of all staff. The program places high emphasis on assuring that Departmental Managers fully understand the working definitions of responsibility, accountability, effectivenessefficiency and “perfect execution”.

 From Planning to........................Results!

                                                       We could be a member of your Business Development Team”



From Planning...To Resultsis a business development consultancy program. The main objective of the program is to evaluate your organization from a conceptual point of view and design –opportunity  
seeking programs that increase profitability, reduce costs and sustain competitive advantages in the long term.The program is divided into four (4) Strategic Management StagesAnalysis, Formulation, Implementation and Control. The program also trains business executives how to develop Business Plans for restructuring, re-financing, growth and development initiatives. 


Marketing 4 Advantage

                                                          “We could be a member of your Sales & Marketing Team” 



Marketing 4 Advantage™  is an integrated marketing program that coordinates the 10Ps of successful marketing:


                                                                                     Keeping Employees For Life

                                           “We could be your external Human Resources Department 




Keeping Employees For Life™ 
is a Human Resources Management Program that strategically align your organization to transform employees into life long partners. It will structure your organization to receive a lucrative return on investment from its most important asset ( an employee). Highly motivated and productive employees will significantly contribute to your organization’s growth and development

                                       Valuing employees first……… through unity

                                                            "We could be your organization's change agent"


Valuing employees first……… through unity”
 is an internal customer service training and development program that will improve the interpersonal relationship between senior executives, supervisors, faculty and supporting staff. It will create a “service excellence” model that will strategically align the differences in attitude and behavior (or other cultural factors) of all staff.





Small Business Management 

Business Plans

Marketing Plans

Advertising Campaigns

Business Start-Up 

Employee Performance Management

 Contract Bidding / Negotiation

Executive Coaching

Retailing / Wholesaling

Organizational Change

Policies & Procedural Manuals

Sales-Force Management.

Customer Loyalty Programs

Accounting (Automatic / Manual)

Financial Analysis

Computer Networking

Internet Marketing

Inventory Analysis

Web Site Construction